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Several Basic Questions and Answers When Using the Wireless IP Camera Baby Monitor
Q: There is some noise when I test the speaker, so do I need to notice anything?

A: 1) Remember not to put the IP camera too near to the microphone when using the talking feature, otherwise it will cause loud noise;
     2) Remember not to enable the earphone icon and microphone icon at the same time.

Q: Is there anything wrong with the audio cos I hear no sound even if I enable it?

A: 1) You may check whether your computer can play music or not;
     2) Make sure that you turn on the sound of the earphones when you plug your earphones into your computer to hear the sound;
     3) Remember to active the earphone icon in the visitor UI;
     4) Check the Network speed is good;
     5) Make sure the sound is not so far from the wireless IP camera and loud enough for the camera to capture.

Q: I enable the talk function, but there is still no sound from the speaker, would you please tell me the reason?

A: 1) Make sure to check that the microphone stays turned on;
     2) Check the microphone icon in the visitor UI is activated;
     3) Ensure the speed of the Network is not so bad.