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Car DVR Market Worth $1.84 Billion By 2022 and Aoni's Long-term Target
Car DVR has become a common tool to record the scenes that happened ahead of a car in recent years. The global dashboard camera market size is expected to reach USD 1.84 billion by 2022 according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. 
In addition to road accidents, Pengci (from the Beijing dialect), used in describing an opportunistic behavior, commonly practiced by the extortionist who often plays a role of the victim as benevolent force in law jurisdiction, aims at obtaining compensation by a fake knocked down by a car, is now happening time and time again on the road. And the increasing acts of vandalism, car thefts, and wreckages in absence of the driver are also annoying. Hence, a car DVR provides real-time surveillance which is of great help and these legitimate evidences can be produced in courts in matter of disputes against the offenders. So the rising demand for vehicular safety is expected to boost global dashboard camera market growth.
As a rich-experienced and low-profile car DVR manufacturer, Aoni has been continuously providing high-end HD dash cameras for users all over the globe. To meet customers' different needs, Aoni has developed various types of car DVR such as HD car DVR, dual lens car camera, car mirror DVR, car camera with GPS and so on. In the following years, Aoni will keep researching more high quality and easy-to-use dash cams for consumers.