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Aoni High Quality HD Wireless Baby Monitor IP Camera with Infrared Night Vision
For parents who have to go to work every day, it's difficult for them to watch their babies all the time. They always want systems that can help them guard their children at home, and Aoni baby monitor has got you covered. With the latest technology, it's simpler for parents to watch over their little baby from afar.

The 256V1 baby monitor is a state-of-the-art smart IP camera adopting the latest chipset solution and megapixel IP camera lens, experiencing an amazing clarity to view your children in details. Providing multiple configurable video streams in H.264, it enables optimization for bandwidth and storage efficiency by significantly reducing the bit rate. With user-friendly menus and standard features like two-way talk and crystal clear night vision, it ensures that you're always in touch with your tot or toddler at a distance.

Selecting High-performance motor, it has a pan 350 and a tilt of 90. You can have your camera pan, tilt, or zoom-in manually using your handheld video baby monitor. Alternatively, you can choose to motion track your child's movements so that the camera follows him or her automatically. In addition, the 256V1 IP camera can send real-time alerts to your mobile phones, laptop or PC for keeping you away from being worried about missing something important.