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Aoni 274 Dash Cam Recorder Car DVR with HD 1080p Resolution, WDR, Motion Detection, Loop Recording
Aoni 274  dash camera recorder is with many useful functions such as full HD 1080p resolution, WDR, motion detection, loop cycle recording. Here are some reviews from the customers for your reference.

Main features I look for is good picture, night vision, auto LCD screen off, loop recording, auto off and on. The Ausdom AD 118 has all the features. Although to see license plate you will have to be in slow or stopped traffic. At night seeing make and models is fine. All the different dash cameras I have go blind with on coming headlight shining. Auto off and on works great. For now works fine for the cost it is a good buy. -- Dean 
I've been using this car camera for a long time now and it still performs really well. The quality of the images are really good and you can make out numberplates no problem. Even at night the quality is still there. The cable is way long enough even for cab, has enough cable so I can decorate it around the cab so you can't see the cable! And No issues with date and time like some people and highly recommended -- Vivek Chinayan Natarajan
For the price this dash camera is excellent value for money. The camera set-up was quite straight forward and fitting also easy. I fitted the power cable through the body trim to conceal the power cable and had bought a socket doubler for the car power socket so I could use the car DVR and sat nav at the same time. I also bought a 32GB class 6 card to record, which should be good for about 4 hours of recording on HD 1080p quality. I used mostly the default settings and the recording quality is fine.  --  Diane