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Aoni 261 GPS HD Car DVR Video Recorder Camcorder Dash Cam Reviews

Perfect dash cam. Solid, metal substantial housing. Easy to install and easy to use. Insert memory card into your computer and play without any effort at all. Great buy. - Triton
First and foremost, the car camera with gps provides excellent full HD videos during the day and even at night. Easy to set up, excellent manual. I would like to recommend this dash camera. -Cassandra
I have been thinking of buying a dashcam for ages but plumped for this one after reading the reviews and having a look at a friend's camera. I am so pleased that I bought it. It is very easy to use and the quality of the footage is excellent. The lead to the power source is long, and the inbuilt GPS a definite advantage as another camera I looked at had a second lead for the GPS which had to be placed somewhere on the windscreen which was messy and put me off. I haven't changed the default settings as I am happy with it as it is, although I have muted the microphone as I don't particularly want my conversations/singing/swearing saved for posterity. All in all an excellent car camera and I am very happy with it. - Trevor