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2017 AONI audio positioning: Bluetooth &Noise Cancellation tells you why make best ANC Headphone?

Nowadays, the ubiquitous noise has become a part of life. In the pursuit of high quality life, people gradually realize the harmful noise. It makes the market of Active Noise Cancelling headphones grow a lot.
Especially for "flying people" who travel frequently, it is essential to have an ANC headphone. The noise of an airplane engine can be as high as 90 decibels during flight, which will do harm to physical and mental health.
The origin of headphones is that it creates a controlled, independent, immersive world.
But it is tough to use normal headphones to create such a world in a noisy environment. Thus,
it's very important to make noise cancelling headphones.


Traditional noise cancelling headphones use passive noise reduction techniques, which block the noise through material and seals to reduce the noise.
While the ANC headphones use microphone collect the noise, and opposite sound waves of the opposite phase are produced to offset them, reducing the noise more efficiently without causing uncomfortable feeling.


In addition to achieve noise cancelling function, AONI attaches great importance to sound quality. Sound is the most important no matter how much more functions and additional value the headphone has.
The good sound quality is not a matter of expensive materials, but depending on the degree of restoration of sound quality.
AONI’s Active noise cancelling headphones uses CSR 8645 Bluetooth chipset or more advanced chipset with APT-X audio compression decoding scheme, the sound quality is very high reduction ratio.
What are the technical advantages of Apt-x?
Apt-x is a paid high quality Bluetooth transmission encoding scheme developed by CSR that can achieve the real equivalent of lossless audio coding and redecoding.  Apt-x offers a latency of less than 130ms 
,This can be almost ignored. The 20 Hz – 22kHz audio bandwidth is the same with CD quality of 16 bit / 44.1 kHz bandwidth, so as to make the final low frequency sound clear and full of elasticity, high frequency lubrication broad. There was little difference compared with the basic playback and cable transmission.

A good headset is not only related to good sound quality, with advanced technology, but wearing comfort. Aoni audio R&D teams give full consideration to the comfort, the structure of the headphones are based on Ergonomics, as far as possible to let the headset wearing in the best state.
For ANC headphones, we use protein earmuffs, very soft and comfortable, with internal memory sponge inside, long time wearing with no pressure, no obvious fever discomfort, etc.
Ordinary passive noise-cancelling headphones tightly pack the ear to achieve noise reduction. It may keep you warm in the winter but when long wearing especially in Summer, it will cause you very uncomfortable.
Instead, the ANC headphone takes you to a quiet dreamland. You only have to switch on the ANC button. At that moment, the typhoon's wild waves did not bring you any disturb.

ANC headphones will only reduce the uncomfortable noise of low frequency, but you can still enjoy friend talk, car horns, and the lover's call.
Once you have an Active Noise Cancelling headsets, the noise will have nothing to do with you, such as the voice of the printer operation, colleagues in the office walking noise, annoying company jingle of bang when decorating.
On a noisy bus, you can read quietly in the song, without very high volume as before, because the noise reduction system has helped you eliminate most of the distractions.
On the subway, listen to your favorite music, close your eyes, and immerse yourself in your music world.
Before going to bed, when use ANC headphone enjoying a lullaby, you will find that noise outside the house has nothing to do with you. A whole day of exhaustion and anxiety is away.
A highly appreciated headset should be made by heart to satisfy the customers out of respect of them. Aoni is trying their best effort to make it happen.
Aoni has a group of specialized Audio members with a same goal to deliver the best ANC
headphones to every corner of the world.