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2016 New Design Aoni D102 Ultra HD 1440P Car Video Recorder Camera DVR Introduction
The D102 dashboard camera is extremely compact, and slots in slightly above and in front of your rear-view mirror. The camera’s bracket attaches to the windshield with an included double-sided adhesive, allowing you to easily slide your camera in and out of recording position.
With the built-in 2.7 inch HD TFT LCD, you can orient your car DVR camera for that perfect viewing angle. You can also watch already recorded footage on the go, without having to tinker with or transfer files to another device.
The loop recording saves you the trouble of having to manually clear old, uneventful footage, ensuring that you always you have room on your camera. If in the course of your driving you are involved in an accident or come across something you’d like to review later simply press the lock button and that segment of footage will be saved from later being overwritten.
The D102's attached G-sensor detects, and will save a recording segment from being overwritten when a dramatic shift in acceleration occurs. Sudden acceleration shifts can come as a result of sudden braking or an accident. 
It can hold up to a 128GB microSD card. The ultra HD 1440P car camera uses can support long-time loop recording due to the large memory so you don't have to be worried about running out of space using the car camera.