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Winter with fat accumulation, how to say goodbye to fat?
Winter is a season of fat accumulation. As we all know, cold winter needs more heat to keep warm. So it will be easier for you to feel hungry and have sudden appetite. Then you start eating unscrupulously and also suffered with fat accumulation silently. If good control on weight, the whole winter may only add a weight for four, five pounds; Once poor control, eight pounds or ten pounds put on weight is also common .

When young, once reckless, winter fat ten pounds, the summer immediately lost weight. In winter, so many clothes to wear, so it looked not obvious. In summer, after slim down, wearing the dress is still very beautiful.

However, after working for a few years, I do not know where to start. When the body fat is no longer so easy to lose weight, then I start to control the diet. Even so, it is not as easy as it used to be. It has passed.

So how to keep the body in winter, and say goodbye to fat!

 first of all, do not develop the habit of eating supper
Supper is the easiest to fattening. Normally, there is less activity at night. Low calorie consumption, excess heat is deposited heavily under the action of insulin, resulting in obesity. From a health point of view, too much to eat dinner is not desirable,
But nowadays, because everyone is busy during the day, the lunch is only solved by the fast-food while the dinner is more sumptuous. After developing the eating habits,  it is easy to feel hungry every night before going to bed. So you begin to eat again and vicious cycle. Therefore, in order to maintain a good body shape, it is best to reduce the number of evening dinners, even if there are, but also remember not to eat too full, control the amount of food, less intake of large quantities of meat and other high-calorie foods.

Follow by, eat more fruits and vegetables
This is a common topic, the winter cold weather, dry climate, eat more fruits and vegetables help to supplement the body's missing water. And fruits and vegetables are also the most easily digested and absorbed food for human body. Fruits and vegetables provide natural vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, supplyments needs of body a variety of vitamins to enhance the body's resistance. Meanwhile vegetable dietary fiber can promote intestinal peristalsis and speed up metabolism, for the elimination of intestinal toxins play a significant role with low-calorie, not easy Fattening.

Next, walk after dinner
As early as the beginning of the last century, Dr. White, a famous cardiologist, and several health care physicians of the United States President, first proposed: Walking is the best movement of mankind in evolutionary theory and has special health benefits.

As the saying goes , walk after dinner, live to ninety-nine. the wisdom left behind by our predecessors is always reasonable. Walking after a meal is conducive to promoting the digestion and absorption of the intestine. Due to abdominal muscle contraction and deepening of breathing on walking, leading to the diaphragm to enhance the up and down exercise, abdominal muscle exercise on the gastrointestinal also has"massage effect".Ingestion of fat can be digested in time to avoid hoarding in the body.

Note: After a meal should not take a walk immediately, after meals stomach in a state of filling, even a very slight exercise can make the stomach by vibration, increase gastrointestinal burden, affect digestion. The best rest for a while, the elderly sit for half an hour, and then go out for light activities such as walking.

last but not least,Ground exercise, exercise more
To maintain a good body, "tube shut up, step on the leg" is a must. All above teach us how to limit eating, so next step is to open the leg. And the most effective way is to do aerobic exercise that is the best way to make weight loss. What is aerobic exercise? Aerobic exercise refers to the physical exercise performed by the human body in the presence of adequate oxygen supply. What we usually do are all aerobic exercise, such as walk, jogging, skating, swimming, cycling, tai chi, dance fitness aerobics, aerobics, etc..

In order to achieve the effect of losing excess body fat, training intensity is usually recommended to control 60% to 70%. The intensity of 60% to 70% is often measured by the maximum safe heart rate. Calculated as follows:
Step 1: 220-age = maximum safe heart rate
Step 2: Maximum safe heart rate * 60% ~ 70% = fat loss heart rate

Of course, the heart rate is not easy to control. We can judge by our own body whether it is within the scope of the fat loss. The feeling between the "tired" and "not tired" in exercise is exercise intensity of fat reduction.

In general, the best duration time for exercise is about 20-60 minutes. The first 20 minutes of exercise mainly supplyment by the glycogen to provide energy, the most consumed is glycogen for body at the moment. And fat will be more involved in energy supply when doing exercise 20 minutes later. Therefore, the longer exercise time, the more fat consumption, the better the effect of weight loss,. Also, we have to grasp a degree.
While it is also very important for us to maintain physical and mental pleasure. Right now listening to music during doing sports is more and more popular among young people as a trendy logo. Exercise accompanied with music, both good to remove loneliness, but also beneficial to eliminate troubles, purify and pleasure body and soul, so people can get fully relaxed.

The sports Bluetooth headsets developed by aoni are specially designed for those who love sports and like to listen to music. The recently announced B201 Sports Bluetooth earbud is a good choice. The CSR64215 solution, Bluetooth version 4.2, provides more stable Bluetooth transmission signal. 40ms(People can feel almost zero delay between music play and our ears ) senseless low-delay transmission with supported apt-x/aptx low latency technology as well as High-fidelity restore sound quality. Hanging on the neck when not exercising as a stylish accessory is also good, make you become a beautiful landscape on sports grounds!

As long as you develop a good living habits, shut up, legs, exercise a lot, you can easily keep slim and say goodbye to excess fat!