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What changes can Aoni Alexa headphones bring to your life?
It has been for a long time no news on Aoni Alexa headphones. Previously released Aoni headset equipped with Alexa smart voice technology is not just talking about it, we are really developing on it. As Aoni audio is always with low-key infamous publicity style, focusing on how to develop and design perfect but affordable products to get customers satisfied with it. Just do it!

Echo series equipped with Alexa technology smart speakers on the Amazon has been selling very hot. Recently, Amazon released several Echo upgraded smart speakers such as Echo Tap, Echo Dot, Echo Look and Echo Show that followed Echo. In addition, remote control, home monitoring equipment, routers, smart locks and other home products have begun to try to carry Alexa smart voice technology. The field of smart home has always been a hot topic, but there are very few smart home products that can actually be mass-produced. Of course, the same as Bluetooth headphones. There are a handful of manufacturers that can implement headsets equipped with smart technology. Due to technical limitations, the long time development&research  as well as development difficulty. Who is quick who can occupy the market.

Speakers usually provide an open environment. But if you think about privacy in public places, I believe headset will be your best choice. You will not disturb others and ensuring personal privacy when listen to your favorite music. Make a call with your close friend and your partner's voice also will not leak in an open environment. The subscription information that Alexa gives you will not easily be heard by third parties. So, Alexa smart headphones can replace speakers in some ways.

Believe caring person saw Alexa headphones information released by the author in October Global Sources article. If friends who visited on our booth, you must have already seen it.
In the exhibition in October, our smart headphones are not yet mature enough in some places. After receiving customer feedback at the exhibition site, we summarized and analyzed the feedback information and optimized&improved the Alexa headphones.

What can Aoni Alexa headphones bring to your life?

1, when you handle the work, suddenly recall today is the mother's birthday, and want to give her a bunch of flowers. Normally, you have to put work down, and pick up the phone or the computer to find nearby flowers to order.

When you have an Alexa headset, you just need spoke to him: Alexa, order a bunch of lilies for mom and send them to the xx address. That's it.

2, When you're busy cooking in the kitchen, suddenly remembered having a phone call to your sweetheart and asking him what he wanted tonight. Or buy some spices and ingredients when he came home. Then you only need to speak to headphone: Hi Alexa, give dear A phone. There is no need to put cooking aside, wash your hands, and dialed number to darling, which is so much inconvenient when you cooking ...

3, Before you go out in the morning and would like to know the weather, road condition, special news today, you can speak to headset "Alexa, what's the weather like today, how the traffic is, what's the news recently?" And then you can easily get the information you want easily.

4, Before going to bed and lying in the bed after washing, suddenly want to listen to music. Just Put on the headset After connecting the phone with Bluetooth, you do not need to manually browse the music list to select your favorite music player. All you have to do is order the headset: "Alexa, play" xxx "and just say" Alexa, turn off the music "when you're sleepy, or if you want to get regular, say" Alexa, turn off the music after 30 minutes " .

With Alexa headphones, life will become more intelligent and convenient. Greatly improve the quality of life. Currently Aoni audio is fully developed Alexa APP on headphone, I believe you will soon be able to use Alexa headphones in reality. The smart life mentioned above will be realized one by one, so just stay tuned please!