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Small Design Sports Bluetooth Earphones Offer Comfort and Overall Sound Quality and Portability
The advantages of in-ear headphones have made more people to choose earphones instead of traditional headphones. They are more portable due to their small size to fit in just about any pocket. And they shorten the distance between you and the sound more than any other headphone design.

Aoni offers a wide range of in-ear models: from state-of-the-art Bluetooth ones with integrated remote controls to water resistant sports models. It is an ideal choice when you want to sonically upgrade your smartphone. The high-quality earphones are the perfect choice for travelers or in the gym.

The Bluetooth earphones and sport earphones from Aoni provide ultimate, uncompromised sound quality, conceived and equipped to satisfy the needs of those with on-the-go lifestyles. They come with silicone sleeves in multiple sizes to provide maximum comfort while fitting snugly into every size ear. Aoni engineers have created perfectly balanced earphones with ultralow distortion, accurate mids and crystal-clear highs.

The high-performance Aoni sports earphones not only provide improved driver response, the proprietary wide bandwidth design, but also include a microphone and offer the capability to control volume, music tracks and phone calls. To be frank, the controller makes the earphones more than just great sounding headphones, and they can be a communication tool to help you navigate the busy world you live in today. In a word, you will find a refreshing new window into your music.

Below are the representatives of different in-ear models:
Wireless Bluetooth Earphones B006

Wireless Bluetooth Earphones B325

Bluetooth Stereo Sport Earphones B335
Wireless Sport Earphones 953