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New Product Release: Active noise cancelling series- B037, Quietly enjoy music in the noise world

One day that mankind must fight against noise, like fighting cholera and plague - Nobel Prize winner and bacteriologist Robert Koch
Beautiful music makes us feeling good.

The sharp noise make us upsetting.

Living in the hustle and bustle of the world, it is time to return to heart quiet state.

Aoni audio is always Noise-Cancelling and on the way to committed to the Active Noise Cancelling Technology in 2017

Providing the Active Nosing Cancelling solutions to the customers.

Create a Serenity and Peaceful to the world.


The important points:

B037 ANC Headphone was finally released after long time expecting.

Using Active Noise Cancelling technology combined with Passive Noise Cancelling technology.
I experienced with curiosity, the noise cancelling effect is particularly significant
That’s perfict effect when put headphone on, the world really quiet.

Active Noise Cancelling Theory

Using Active Noise Cancelling technology, Via headset’s microphone collecting the environmental noise, The Active nosie cancelling system process and analysis, To generate the opposite sound waves to offset, so as to achieve the purpose of noise reduction.

Passive Noise Cancelling Theory

Through the sealability of over-ear style cavity structure and material barrier,  to absorb the sound to reduce surrounding noise, passive noise cancelling can be isolated from the high-frequency noise which the active noise cancelling technology can not offset.

A style Noise Cancelling headphones combine with pretty outlook, temperament, content in one.

Visible beauty - metal texture, high light process, such as starlight shine
Touchable high-end exquisite workmanship, Delicate and smooth touch feeling.

Audible feeling- return the real the sound quality, High resolution, Strong scene feeling.

Five core strengths:
1、Aesthetic design, aluminum decorative cover with sandblasting oxidation, high-light process, match the noble gold mesh design, filling the aristocratic temperament, soft shapes, strong yet soft beauty.
2、 Ergonomic design, Suitable without stress for your head, Comfortable protein leather earcap which is same as famous brands headphones, memory foam adjustment, really comfortable for long time wearing .
3、CSR chips , 4.0 Bluetooth version and supporting APT-X, low latency transmission and Hi-Fi quality sound, make sound nearly lossless, Let you listen more real sound. Enjoy relaxing music-listening experience.
4、Composite diaphragm speakers, Feeling: Drums sound more powerful and pure,  the sound is soft and magnetic, widen, with more clear layers, more details and exquisite, Good extension for the high frequency sound .
Marks:The normal diaphragm is difficult to make well three frequency phase,Normally only one phase could be more outstanding,But composite diaphragm have better resolution,make all of three frequency phase more prefect .


5、500mAh polymer lithium battery, The playing time could be reached 17hours under the Bluetooth + ANC mode,  long-term working time, Enjoy yourself for listening.

Own such headphone means that you do not have to endure harsh noise.
Summer is so hot, binge-watching TV /America blockbuster movie.
Playing the game which you love
Without distraction, communication more smoothly
Let you isolate from the noise and work more attentive at your office.
Enjoy your peaceful quiet world when by Metro, Bus, Airplane
Have a good sleep at night.

Hign-end Temperament, set the practical and beautiful outlook, high technology in one
Such cool you, deserve such wonderful active noise cancelling headphone..