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New Arrival: Super cost-effective Active Noise Canceling (ANC) headphone with enjoyment music

We are often troubled by various kinds of noise in our lives
The roar noise made by aircraft engine
The whistling sound of the high iron when get through the tunnel
The impact of sound cause between subway and rails.
Public bus noisy and brake sound    
Sound of office printer operation, messy footsteps for busy colleague
Wind sound out of window at night, disorder noise etc.
Noise not only disturb our mind, the harm to the ears also can not be ignored
At the moment, owning an active noise canceling Bluetooth Headphone is particularly important.
Easily solve a series of problems for you, listen whatever you like, block whatever you don’t.
AONI Audio division locate 2017 as Bluetooth and Reduction Noise Year, which committed to design perfect Bluetooth noise canceling headphone
And can provide customers with one-stops solutions of active noise canceling (ANC).
In the coming peak season, we will release a series of ANC headphone.
Our topic today is our new product –B040 ANC Bluetooth headphone
Let’s have a look on its characteristic


The model combines black outlook with high-end color-Grey, briefly shows its gentle personality; Eco-friendly raw material and finishing without any smell, qualified product, comfort to wear.
Adopting active noise reduction technology, via analyzing the ambient noise, resulting in equal and opposite phase of the acoustic wave to offset, "like cures like" to offset the external noise, thus eliminating most of the low-frequency noise.


Compared to wired headphone, Bluetooth wireless headphone is more convenient to use and freely to carry outdoor. It becomes more and more popular these years. B040 active noise canceling headphone adopts the qualified CSR chips with Bluetooth Version 4.0, make stable & quick data transmission, enjoy better sound quality.


Sound quality is an important factor to judge a headphone good or not. B040 ANC headphone accepts tone adjusted by acoustic engineer master, drums focus、clear sound layer, mild sound without harsh, rich details, well enjoy wide-band of music.
 It perfectly matches ergonomic design, comfort to wear. Bionic Protein Leather Ear-cup with soft memory foam, without any pressure and fever even long-time wearing. 

90degree rotatable headband. Adjustable design to different size; enjoy more flexible music experiences.
400mAh Lithium Polymer built-in battery. Long playback time up to 18hours on ANC& BT mode. The device can last one week if listen to the music 2.5hours per day. 2.5hour charging time only.
The most core feature is highly cost-effective. If you wanna a affordable active noise canceling headphone, welcome to choose B040 active noise canceling headphone, or you will regret it!