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Need A Pair of Bluetooth Earphones for the Gym? Aoni Has Got You Covered
For those who like music and doing exercise in the gym, getting a pair of solid earphones is necessary. As the technology develops, headphones with Bluetooth have become more and more popular in the market due to the feature that frees people from plugged-in cables. Devoted to offering the ultimate convenience and considerate services to consumers, Aoni has invested numerous personnel in research and development. Here come the Aoni 940 sport Bluetooth earphones.
Aoni 940 has launched the Bluetooth earphones in four color variants. Designed with portability, the new 940 brings uncompromising sound quality and aesthetic comfortable design. The structure has been incorporated with two-layer silicone earmuffs for added comfort which gives a real feel of bass to end users and better sound insulation effect. In short, the earphones fit closely to the ears and provide excellent wearing comfort and reliable sound.
The Bluetooth earphones are sweatproof and sturdy enough, and they stayed secure through multiple workouts both in the gym and outdoors. On the specification front, the 940 in-ear sport Bluetooth headphones offer Bluetooth 4.1, 10-15m operating distance, which is capable of delivering a maximum of 10 hours playback time. For more information, you may visit our homepage.