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Dozens of such ANC headphones---B043 BT ANC headphone: Quiet world without noise!
As harm of ANC headphone is known by more and more people nowdays, ANC is also playing a more essential part in our daily life. You can take it as normal BT headphone when listen music. It can also cancel noise when calling or listening music with much less noise which makes you very pleasant.

Scenes that ANC headphones are used are include:

Metro, Bus, Airplane where is very noisy. You can wear it when play games, watch TV, Study, or even work. B043 can bring you a quite world in your daily life.

We has launched several new BT ANC(Active Noise Cancelling)headphones before. And now

comes a brand new one.

Now lets learn more about this headphone:

When the first moment I got it, I was impressed by its fashionable &simple design.Its metallic appearance  is quite appealing.The metal material of headphone is processed by high-light, sandblasting oxidation and painting.

This design can make you very special.

Firstly, when you touch it, B043 is very delicate, soft and comfortable when you touch the ear pads and also headband jacket. It can be streched, rotated, which is very user friendly.

Secondly,  B043 is  free from extraneous odour.It adopts delicate and  environmental material. 

Thirdly, it perfectly matches ergonomic design, comfort to wear


Fourthly,When you turn on the headphone and pair it with your headphone, you will not let down by its sound quality.

Comment:strong bass, but not muddy.Mild but not harsh, richly detailed, and stereo sound 


Above is my personal view. Below lets analyse B043 from more objective Part:

First of all, it adopts ANC technology,which is same as the ANC of our factory before.

ANC(Active Noise Cancelling) Theory
Adopting active noise reduction technology, via analyzing the ambient noise, resulting in equal and opposite phase of the acoustic wave to offset  the external noise, thus eliminating most of the low-frequency noise.

Sound quality is also very impressive.
B043 ANC headphone uses 40mm speaker combined with proper acoustic cavity and tuning paper.
It is also  adjusted by acoustic engineer master several times to make sure the sound quality is outstanding.

And B043 is very comfortable to wear for the folling two reasons:
1. It perfectly matches ergonomic design, comfort to wear.
2. Bionic Protein Leather Ear-cup with soft memory foam, without any pressure and fever even long-time wearing. You can enjoy music for long time.

Meanwhile, B043 uses ABS+PC material, free from extraneous odour. It is also certificated with environmental certificates and very comfortable to wear.

At last , Here is more spec of B043

Chip: CSR

Bluetooth version: 4.0

Bluetooth distance: Outdoor 15m; inner door 20

500mAh Lithium Polymer built-in battery. Long calling &playback  time up to 24 hours on ANC& BT mode. The device can work for long time after charging. 

In conclusion, B043 is one cost effective &gorgeous ANC headphone 

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