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active noise cancelling headset & Bluetooth ANC headphones

2017 Aoni audio positioning:Bluetooth+noise cancellation,Recently, our company will Promote the new product about several active noise cancelling headset.
Stylish ANC headphones effectively eliminate 90% environment noise by adopt the active noise cancelling tech, which automatically detect the noise, and delivering the highest-quality musical or other audio experience
B037 active noise cancelling headphones

B040 active noise cancelling headphones

Active noise cancellation
When the headphones detect the environment noise, the active noise cancelling circuit will generate the sound wave opposite to the ambient noise, which counteracts the external noise


Foldable design and portable for outdoor activities like travel, climbing and adventure, etc. There are the ideal seatmate for any international traveler or anyone who simply wants to get away from the distractions of everyday life.
Protein leather ear muffs, soft memory foam, comfortable for long-time wearing without being "overheated", humanization design offer a wide array of choices for everyday consumers and audiophiles.
Bluetooth V4.0 convinient for users seamlessly transit from listening music or watching video to talking phone. Supporting APT-x ensure the pure music
We look forward to continuing to bring these and other high-quality audio and other technology products to the European and other international markets.

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