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Four Basic Functions of Car Dashboard Camera DVR Recorder
Brief Description:
To meet people's demand in dashcams, manufacturers have been researching the functions all the time. Most car DVR cameras will have these four basic functions displayed in this article. Let's see what they are together.
1, Seamless looping video: it is the process of recording video feeds such as from video surveillance or camera signals on a video server. This process is a never-ending one: at the end of the internal disk drive, the recording process continues to record at the beginning, erasing the previously recorded material and replacing it with the new content. Generally, it is possible to write-protect some selected parts (as video clips) to prevent erasure. This process is used on video servers to allow continuous recording, and instant access to any material ingested in the previous hours. This guarantees that the car DVR will never miss an action in some live events.
2, Multi-resolution camera features: you can select various resolution modes.
3, Emergency Storage: through artificial clicking emergency storage key, or G-sensor (gravity sensor) to save the image click after a certain period of time, and to ensure that the segment recorded image will not be recycled and overwritten.
4, in general, the car DVR will start running as long as the car is connected to the power supply, usually with automatic start function. This function is very necessary which will help you prevent the situation of loss of records.