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What Is PoE and What Is the Difference Between Passive PoE And Active PoE?
Brief Description:
Power over Ethernet, namely PoE, is a technology that lets network cables carry electrical power. There two types of PoE: active PoE and passive PoE. This article will show you the difference between active PoE and passive PoE.
PoE, short for Power over Ethernet, describes several standardized or ad-hoc systems which pass electrical power along with data on Ethernet cabling. This allows a single cable to provide both data connection and electrical power to devices such as wireless access points or IP cameras. 
When the power is passed to a device then the device captures the data and sends through an Ethernet cable. Due to the advantages of PoE such as it uses the same cable so no special power supply and special adapters are required when using multiple devices, this technology has gained much popularity. It causes no disturbances to the actual data, and even may use less power and it carries data to far distances too. There two types of PoE: active PoE and passive PoE.
Active PoE consists of special components in it and it is able to transfer power directly by the same Ethernet cable up to 300 feet. It is a standard which is generally used when the area is wide and need devices far from each other. And the remote equipment and the switch negotiate the required voltage and pins to use for electric power transfer.
Passive PoE uses free wires in the Ethernet cable and sends the equipment's power along with it to the far end where it connects to an IP camera. Passive PoE range is only about 10 to 15 feet. In this system, the power required for the device is transferred through special thin wires, thus power is passed directly.