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There’s nothing worse than your WiFi connection dropping when you’re right in the middle of using your WiFi IP camera to watch the condition of your baby through your smartphone but there is something you can do about it. Here we will discuss some of the causes for a dropped wireless connection as well as some solutions.
In the past, not all parents considered monitors a necessity, but with houses getting larger and lives getting more hectic it almost feels like a must have item. When you consider the peace of mind knowing baby is sleeping soundly, and the potential increase in sleep for parents, it is hard not to add some kind of monitor to your list of baby items to buy.
Sometimes you'll find that your Wi-Fi signal is weak and the connection between your mobile devices and the IP camera is not so well. How to enhance the signal becomes the question that users may ask a lot. It often seems that your Wi-Fi signal strength is affected by the position of your router.
Adopting the latest chipset solution and Megapixel ip camera Lens, experiencing an amazing clarity to view in details, the Aoni IP camera provides multiple configurable video streams in H.264 and enables optimization for bandwidth and storage efficiency by significantly reducing the bit rate.
There are several possible reasons for not seeing the images from the IP network camera - originating from the broadband or wireless router, or a setting on the IP camera itself. Broadband router or wireless router side.
IP cameras have been applied to various purposes recently. IP cameras are easily integrated into larger, complex systems, but can also function as stand-alone solutions in entry-level surveillance applications.
Power over Ethernet, namely PoE, is a technology that lets network cables carry electrical power. There two types of PoE: active PoE and passive PoE. This article will show you the difference between active PoE and passive PoE.
Sometimes you'll find that you can access your IP camera locally but cannot access the network camera from the Internet. You may be wondering why this could happen. This article will tell you what would be causing this situation.
In the field of video compression a video frame is compressed using different algorithms centered mainly round amount of data compression. There are 2 popular video compress types, MJPEG and H.264. Here we will introduce them in details and make a comparison.
How to make the IP camera much secure? To ensure the security of the IP camera and prevent various types of hacking and unauthorized access, Aoni strongly recommends our customers to safeguard your privacy by taking the following security precautions.
The advancements of video security industry provide more video surveillance solutions for users. And the demand for Megapixel technology within the security industry has continuously increased year by year. What are the advantages made possible by Megapixel technology? Check it out.
Despite everything looking correct, troubleshooting IP cameras can be tricky that you can't access, receive no image which is frustrating. Get your problems solved with this useful information, common problems and solutions for your IP cameras.
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