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Sometimes you'll find that you can access your IP camera locally but cannot access the network camera from the Internet. You may be wondering why this could happen. This article will tell you what would be causing this situation.
In the audio world, there are four signal levels that we deal with: mic, instrument, line and speaker. What is "mic level" and "line level" and what's the difference between these two terms? Read this post and you'll know the answers.
In the field of video compression a video frame is compressed using different algorithms centered mainly round amount of data compression. There are 2 popular video compress types, MJPEG and H.264. Here we will introduce them in details and make a comparison.
All electronic products such as cellphones, computers, laptops, TVs and so on produce heat during the use. The same goes for the car DVRs. Why the car DVR is over-heated? To be specific, when the resolution is higher, the dash cam produces more heat.
When buying a set of headphones, you have a lot of considerations to make. For example, whether the headphones is open or closed may come through your mind. What is the difference between open and closed headphones? Let's see it together.
When choosing a set of Bluetooth headphones, it's important to see the quality of the frequency response, so what does the frequency response mean and what does this term mean to headphones? Here is what you can refer to.
How to make the IP camera much secure? To ensure the security of the IP camera and prevent various types of hacking and unauthorized access, Aoni strongly recommends our customers to safeguard your privacy by taking the following security precautions.
What are the differences between WDR and HDR technologies? This article will give the definitions of these two terms as well as the differences. The best car DVR factory in China produces the state-of-the-art HD car camera (with HDR or WDR technology). More information at
The advancements of video security industry provide more video surveillance solutions for users. And the demand for Megapixel technology within the security industry has continuously increased year by year. What are the advantages made possible by Megapixel technology? Check it out.
A good speaker needs a good power amplifier to sound its best. A headphone is a miniature speaker, and needs a good miniature power amp. Headphone amplifiers are miniature power amps designed specifically to drive headphones. Find your perfect headphone amp at ANC.CN
Headphone specs are complex, very technical and sometimes don't even have any meaningful effect on sound quality. Technical specifications can help you pick the headphones that will work best with your audio equipment. Knowing a few technical terms will make buying easy.
Bluetooth® technology lets you connect to your smartphone or tablet for music. Battery Meter widget enables a headset battery meter on. Just 20 minutes connected to the charging case adds another hour of listening time.
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