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Full HD 1080P Car DVR
Brief Description:
the car DVR from China in the market are quite common. They have the same solution chipset, same features, or even same looks. So people is quite hard to tell the difference. A good car DVR should be one with high resolution, nigh vision, smooth playback, wide viewing angle, of course, high quality as well.
Aoni ONI Car DVR Camera private car owners to secure protection application
The number of traffic accidents has been increasing, and many of us "chilling" accidents also will occur, which is also accompanied by the tachograph more and more attention.

Now many of my friends will buy a tachograph in the car, not only can take some interesting things, but also in times of danger is really important evidence can be recorded. It was such a function, so we have only seen video footage of accidents through television traffic program,
But now ,We can see from the AONI Full CAR DVR ” eyes” and to give our first time to see from various sources, with lessons to avoid similar incidents.

Too fake! Parking Touch porcelain female funny show
China is now in the traffic environment, in addition to the purchase tachograph recording accident process, more people or to prevent Touch porcelain, this video below is a typical Pengci event, the process looked very fake. Video of the black woman actually "active" to hit the Passat sedan, thanks to record the car, or really not easy to say."The first 07 seconds of the video, the woman deliberately Touch porcelain".

Above video are recorded tachograph and driving down the accident and video, but also live traffic conditions in the genuineness of portrayal. If every car user HD CAR DVR CAMER CORDER Favorable to reduce and avoid the occurrence of traffic accident.

HD Car Dash Camera
Recorded from a variety of tachograph video is a vivid example of a true. In the face of these videos a video, we not only want to regret for the accident victims, but to do is to find and correct their driving habits, do not appear among the recorders accidents occur, the only way we drive it It may be more secure.