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High-end Bluetooth Headphones
Brief Description:
Bluetooth headphones, enjoy the music freely, release your hands, Portable foldable headphones, enjoy music anytime anywhere.Adjustable headphones for different head sizes.Ergonomic design, long-time comfortable wearing.Long battery time headphones, immerse in the music world.HiFi sound quality noise cancelling headphones make you hear the sound of the headphones only .
Headsets that let you move more freely. You have the music, you have telephony, you have freedom of movement – but you don’t have a cable. That’s the difference headsets featuring Bluetooth make. Easy on the batteries Bluetooth headsets allow for hours and hours of listening pleasure. Furthermore, without a cable to be careful about, they make great travelling companions.
AONI offers Bluetooth in a wide variety of model, from the sophisticated on-ear headset to the luxurious travelling headset complete with Noise Canceling technology for active attenuation of background noise. There’s a lot of audio coming out of your smartphone: your music, of course, but also movies and videos, games, not forgetting the voices of the people you actually talk to on the phone. All of these sounds deserve to be reproduced in really high quality. A fact, manufacturer equipment tends to ignore. Smartphone headsets from Aoni not only sound great, they also feature in-line remotes to control the main functions of your phone. And they let you sound good as well thanks to their high-quality microphones.
AONI offers a broad range of smartphone headsets. Some fitted with Bluetooth, some in-ear, some over-ear, some on-ear – all featuring the legendary AONI sound. Whether you’re at a busy airport, a windy road or just moving around a busy office, it doesn’t matter. AONI’s professional Bluetooth headsets give you the freedom and clear sound you need to deliver top job performance.
Learn how AONI’s professional Wireless Bluetooth headsets let you move freely and stay connected with top-quality sound. if you interest our headsets or order a batch of headset. You will then be contacted by one of AONI's representatives as soon as possible.